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Next Conference Exhibitions

We will be exhibiting at the following conferences where the ARTeMIS Modal software will be presented:

Event Date Place Booth#
IMAC XXXVIII February 10-13, 2020 Houston, TX, USA 211

Next User Training Course

The next user training course will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on October 27-28, 2020.

This 2-day course is for the new as well as experienced users that would like to be updated on Operational Modal Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis as well as the latest features of ARTeMIS Modal software.


The course will be held on October 27-28, 2020 at Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus in Aalborg, Denmark. Both days we start at 9.00 and end at 17.00. There will be lunch and coffee breaks during the day and free WiFi internet access. The course instructor is Dr. Palle Andersen, CEO at Structural Vibration Solutions A/S.


On day 1, you will get a comprehensive introduction to Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) in general. During this introduction, the differences and similarities between EMA and OMA will be described. Also the procedures for acquiring high quality measurements will be discussed in details. We will help each other acquiring good measurements of different demo structures both for EMA and OMA applications. The introduction is followed by a presentation of the user-friendly Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD) technique, and we will analyze the acquired measurements as hands-on exercises. Finally, the two other FDD related techniques of ARTeMIS (Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition and Curve-fit Frequency Domain Decomposition) are introduced, and we will continue with hands-on exercises using these techniques. The technical programme will end with the analysis of the acquired EMA data using the Complex Mode Indicator Function - Peak Picking method (CMIF).

We end day 1 at a restaurant in the old downtown of Aalborg.

On day 2, you will be introduced to the advanced OMA methods called Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI) as well as the parametric EMA method called Rational Fraction Polynomial in Z-domain (RFP-Z) and the latest features available in ARTeMIS such as the Structural Health Monitoring plugins.

You will get course material as well as a 1-month free demo version of the ARTeMIS Modal Pro which we invite you to install on your own laptop for use during the hands-on exercises of the course.


Attending the course will cost 950 EUR per person. Students get 50% discount. Book before August 1st, 2020 and SAVE 10%!

Prices includes 25% Danish VAT (moms).

Sign Up

Please download the registration form and send it by email to Structural Vibration Solutions at We need your registration no later than September 15, 2020.

Next Webinar on ARTeMIS Modal

There are no webinars available at the moment. The list will be updated with new dates when available.

A webinar is free of charge and is a convenient way for you to obtain knowledge about Operational Modal Analysis and the ARTeMIS Modal software. All webinars are conducted by our CEO and Senior Developer, Palle Andersen.

If you are interested in attending a webinar, please send an e-mail to