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ARTeMIS Webinars - January-February 2015

A webinar is free of charge and is a convenient way for you to obtain knowledge about Operational Modal Analysis and the ARTeMIS Modal software. All webinars are conducted by our CEO and Senior Developer, Palle Andersen.

To sign up please send an email to indicating which Webinar No. you will attend. You will then receive an official WebEx invitation by email no later than three hours before the webinar starts.


ARTeMIS Modal Pro 3.6
You will see how to create a project from scratch, how to use our patented FDD and the unbeatable Crystal Clear SSI modal analysis tools, and finally how to validate the results. The new features such as working with functions through the Data Organizer will be presented as well.

Webinar No. Date CET GMT EST  
Webinar-15-1 21 January (Wed.) 10:00 9:00 4 am  
Webinar-15-2 22 January (Thu.) 17:00 16:00 11 am  

Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI)
In this webinar, we go through the basic theory of the Stochastic Subspace Identification methods for Operational Modal Analysis and demonstrate its use with latest ARTeMIS Modal Pro.

Webinar No. Date CET GMT EST  
Webinar-15-3 12 February (Thu.) 10:00 9:00 4 am  
Webinar-15-4 12 February (Thu.) 17:00 16:00 11 am  

Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD)
This webinar introduces you to the patented Frequency Domain Decomposition methods. We start going through the theory and end with a demonstration on its use in the latest ARTeMIS Modal.

Webinar No. Date CET GMT EST  
Webinar-15-5 18 February (Wed.) 10:00 9:00 4 am  
Webinar-15-6 19 February (Thu.) 17:00 16:00 11 am  

Statistical Subspace-based Damage Detection and Modal Parameter History Plugins
In this webinar, you will get an introduction to the basic concepts of the Damage Detection plugin for ARTeMIS Modal Pro. The introduction starts with the theory and continues with a demonstration of the Damage Detection module and how it can be integrated into any existing Structural Health Monitoring system. The webinar also introduces the new Modal Parameter History plugin that allows you to visually track the development of modes over time.

Webinar No. Date CET GMT EST  
Webinar-15-7 25 February (Wed.) 10:00 9:00 4 am  
Webinar-15-8 26 February (Thu.) 17:00 16:00 11 pm  

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