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New Ultra Fast SSI Algorithm in ARTeMIS Extractor Pro 2011, Release 5.3

The Crystal Clear SSI algorithm has now been available for more than a year, and we celebrate this by increasing its speed up to more than 100 times in some cases. Now it only takes seconds to estimate hundreds of models with dozens of modes.

This dramatic increase in speed has been accomplished by a significant mathematical reformulation of the algorithm but also by avoiding the estimation of the noise models, except when needed for e.g. validation.

The mathematical reformulation also have the positive side effect, that the number of noise modes generated are significantly minimized. This has the advantage that even high order state space models has much more accurate noise models, and therefore lead to high quality synthesized spectras' as well as response predictions.

Again ARTeMIS Extractor Pro demonstrate its lead position in time domain - leakage free - modal parameter estimation.

You can try it on your own by downloading a one month trial version of ARTeMIS Extractor Pro Release 5.3.

Example - Operational Modal Analysis of a Ship During Operation

To demonstrate the efficiency of the new fast Crystal Clear SSI algorithm, we analyzed some operational data from a ship (16 channels with 691200 samples per channel). This data contains over 40 modes and several harmonics arising from the propellers.

The objectives of the example were to test the speed increase as well as the efficiency to estimate synthesized spectras'. Estimating the spectras' are in general difficult due to the presence of many channels, many modes and harmonics.

By using the new algorithm, the estimation of the stabilization diagram for model orders ranging from 1 to 300 was finished after only 43 seconds, whereas the original Crystal Clear SSI algorithm needed 52 minutes. This is equivalent to a speed increase of 73 times in this particular case. See the stabilization diagram below to the left.

The picture to the right shows a synthesized spectrum (in red) of the state space model with dimension 300 together with the spectrum obtained directly from the measurements using FFT (in green). The result is an almost perfect match dispite the many modes and severe harmonics (indicated by vertical green lines).  Click on the picture to enlarge it.


Next Conference

Meet us at the IOMAC 2011 conference in Istanbul, Turkey on May 9-11, 2011.

Here we will exhibit the new fast SSI in ARTeMIS Extractor Pro 2011.

See you in Istanbul!

New Course in ARTeMIS This Fall

This 2-days course is for the new as well as experienced users that want to be updated on Operational Modal Analysis technology as well as the latest features of ARTeMIS Extractor 2011.

The course will be held on September 15 and 16, 2011 at Structural Vibaration Solutions A/S, NOVI Science Park, Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 Aalborg East, Denmark. Both days we start at 9.00 and end at 16.00. There will be lunch and coffee breaks during the day and free WiFi internet access. The course instructor is Dr. Palle Andersen, CEO and and senior developer of ARTeMIS Extractor. More info will follow.

Attending the course will cost 800 € per person and of course we give a 50% student discount.

Sign up:
Please send an email to Kristine Nielsen at with Name, Title, Address, Company/Institution and number of participants. We need your registration no later than September 5, 2011.