New Release of ARTeMIS Modal 3.0

We have now released ARTeMIS Modal version 3.0. This release includes many enhancements and new features. Some of the top features are listed below. You can find the rest at the ARTeMIS Modal online help.

Operational Modal Analysis using ARTeMIS Modal Pro 3.0 of the SWiFT Vestas V27 Wind Turbines

New Storage Framework - Storage and Analysis of Large Amounts of Historical Measurements

It is now possible to specify either Internal or External Storage. Selecting internal storage will store all measurements and results internally in a single project file. External storage will, on the other hand, store most of the information in external files that are located in a user specified folder. The use of external storage leads to a very small project file even in the case of an extreme amount of measurements and results.

The external storage is designed for e.g. long-term monitoring projects where the same structure is measured over and over again. Now all measurements and results of such a project can be stored in the same project. In order to present historical development of the results, a new Analysis History task is introduced. This task is only available when purchasing the Damage Detection plugin, see below.

Damage Detection Plugin

All users of ARTeMIS Modal Pro 3.0 can now purchase a plugin for Damage Detection which uses two Statistical Subspace-based Damage Detection algorithms. Common to the algorithms is that through the use of multiple reference measurements the damage detection is made robust to e.g. temperature changes, and as such applicable for testing of changes in e.g. large civil engineering structures. Along with this plugin there is a suite of methods for interaction with third party Structural Health Monitoring systems. Specifically, there are methods for automatically retrieving periodic measurements and for automatic notification services such as emails and web service notification.



The default way the plugin has been set up gives you Safe/Critical/Unsafe damage indicators for each new measurement being uploaded. As long as the dynamic system contained in a new measurement is statistically identical with the reference system, the indicator will be safe (shown as a green bar). When a change becomes severe, it is termed Critical (shown as a yellow bar), and finally if the change of dynamics is significant, the indicator turns Unsafe (shown as a red bar).

The damage detection is implicitly checking all modes in the chosen frequency range which means that even small damages, typically only appearing in the high order modes, can be detected by the plugin.

Please contact if you wish to test this new exciting plugin with your own data for 1 month. Note that we are running a 25%Off Introductory offer until May 31, 2014.

New Measurement File Formats

We have updated the list of supported file formats. Now HBM (Catman) binary file format is supported as well as the native MATLAB (MAT) file format.

In the case that the uploaded MAT contains multiple numeric arrays, a dialog is automatically shown asking the user to specify which array to upload. If uploaded through a configuration file, the specific array can be specified as an additional upload option.

New Visual Enhancements 

If a DOF Assignment has multiple test setups, it can be a complicated task to locate the correct node to position the sensors.

Now ARTeMIS shows all sensors of all test setups already positioned in a light gray color. We call these sensor indicators for Ghost Sensors, see left picture.  

In the diagrams, line colors and width can be modified, and the raw display data can be exported into text files. On top of this enhancement there is also the ability to manually add mode markers and harmonic indicators.

In the 3D geometry window, the state of it is preserved when the window is closed, and the Modal Assurance Criterion window is significant updated to perform even easier visual validation of the mode shapes.


Download a 30-day demo version of this new exciting version of ARTeMIS Modal software from this link.

Free Online Webinars - April 2014


Please go to this link to find a list of Webinars available in April. The topics this month:

      - ARTeMIS Modal Pro 3.0
     - How to Setup an ARTeMIS Project
     - Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD)
     - Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI)
     - Statistical Subspace-based Damage Detection


ARTeMIS User Training Course - May 21-22, 2014


This 2-days' intensive course is for the new as well as experienced users that want to be updated on Operational Modal Analysis technology as well as the latest features of ARTeMIS Operational Modal Analysis software.



The course will be held on May 21-22, 2014 at Structural Vibration Solutions A/S in Aalborg, Denmark. Both days we start at 9.00 and end at 16.00. There will be lunch and coffee breaks during the day and free WiFi internet access. The course instructor is Dr. Palle Andersen, CEO and senior developer of the ARTeMIS software.




Attending the course will cost 895 EUR per person.

Book before April 25, 2014 save 10%. (Fee only € 805 - Students only € 403)


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Conferences and Exhibitions

Meet us at EuroDyn

We will be exhibiting at the EuroDyn Conference on Structural Dynamics held on June 30-July 2, 2014 in Porto, Portugal. 


Meet us at EWSHM

We will be exhibiting at the EWSHM 7th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring held on July 8-11, 2014 in Nantes, France