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Invitation to Operational Modal Analysis Course in Ingolstadt, Germany


We invite you to join us in Ingolstadt, Germany, on 29-30 September, 2014 for an Operational Modal Analysis course focused on the similarities and differences to classical modal analysis. There will be practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises during the course. This course is free of charge, and there are limited seats available.


The venue for this 2-day course is Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, and the instructors will be Prof. Jörg Bienert, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Fakultät Machinenbau, and Dr. Palle Andersen, Structural Vibration Solutions A/S.


On Monday, 29 September 2014, you are invited to join us for the Munich Oktoberfest at your own expense. 

Preregistration for the course and social event is required. For more information, please follow this link.


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International Seminar on Modal Analysis (ISMA) 2014


SVS will be exhibiting at the ISMA Conference in Leuven, Belgium, on 15-17 September, 2014. We will be showing the latest release of ARTeMIS Modal and the new Damage Detection plugin. In addition, we will be presenting some of the upcoming new features in ARTeMIS Modal Pro - A tool for Harmonic Peak  Reduction and a new Modal Parameter History task with automatic mode tracking over time.


  New upcoming Modal Parameter History task with automatic historical mode tracking.Data is from the Dogna Damage Detection case study.  

International Operational Modal Analysis Conference (IOMAC ) 2015

The sixth IOMAC Conference will be organized in Gijón, Spain, on 12-14 May 2015. IOMAC 2015 will be held at ABBA Hotel located near the San Lorenzo beach.  

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to welcome all researchers, educators, practitioners, and students who are interested in operational modal analysis, instrumentation, monitoring, and data analysis. As usual, we will arrange a pre-conference course for those who like to get quickly introduced to the field.

Below are the list of important dates for IOMAC:

- Abstract Submission, 30 September, 2014  
- Abstract Acceptance, 31 October, 2014
- Paper Submission, 30 January, 2015
- Paper Acceptance, 28 February, 2015

More information is available on the conference website


Download Free Demo

Download a 30-day demo version of the ARTeMIS Modal software from this link.

Please contact us at if you like to test the Damage Detection plugin with your own data.



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