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Case Study: Modal Analysis of the Guadiana Bridge using Crystal Clear SSI

We begin this newsletter by presenting the results of an Operational Modal Analysis made with the Crystal Clear SSI algorithms in ARTeMIS Modal Pro 4.0. The structure that we have analyzed is the cable-stayed Guadiana Bridge linking Portugal and Spain, see below:



The measurement campaign consists of 28 test setups using 4 reference sensors and 4 moving sensors. Below is an example of the very clear Stabilization diagrams produced by Crystal Clear SSI. Ten global modes were estimated and can be seen in the Mode List in the lower right corner. The torsional mode at 1.447 Hz is presented in the Geometry Window and Complexity Plot. The Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) of all the global modes is also shown.



Please go to to see the complete case study and the rest of the modes.


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We are running this campaign until July 1, 2015.


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