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In this newsletter we will introduce the latest addition to ARTeMIS Modal. It is now possible to directly control National Instruments data acquisition systems from ARTeMIS Modal. There is no longer a need for third party software to run the acquisition hardware, and no problems with file transfer.


We will also take this opportunity to wish you Season Greetings and a Happy New Year!


New Plugin - Direct Control of National Instruments Data Acquisition Modules

ARTeMIS Modal 5.1 has now been released. This version includes a plugin that enable direct control of data acquisition modules from National Instruments. ARTeMIS Modal communicates with the National Instruments API called NI-DAQmx, and all modules handled by this API can be used in ARTeMIS Modal. The below example makes use of two 24-bit NI-9234 units each with 4 channels. As sensors eight B&K 4508b (100 mV/g) accelerometers have been used.



Highlights of the Plugin

- Seamless integration with all other tasks in ARTeMIS Modal.

- Direct streaming of measurements to ARTeMIS Modal test setups.

- View acquired time series real-time.

- On-the-fly calculation of auto spectral densities and singular value decomposition (SVD) of spectral densities of user-selectable channels.

- Supports IEPE sensors with or without TEDS.

- Multiple recording modes: Manual start/stop, predefined interval of time, triggered start.

- Works with all versions of ARTeMIS Modal 5.1 (Pro, STD, Basic).


Special Introduction Campaign

Until January 31, 2017 we are running an introduction campaign on this module for anyone that is entitled to ARTeMIS Modal 5.1, i.e. new customers as well as existing customers with a valid maintenance service. The introductory price is 975 EUR which is 35% saving of the normal price of 1.500 EUR.


ARTeMIS Extractor - End of Life Notification

By the end of 2016 ARTeMIS Extractor has reached end of life after 17 years of service. Please contact us if you are still running ARTeMIS Extractor and wish to migrate to ARTeMIS Modal. We are running a special and very affordable migration campaign until December 31, 2016.


Next ARTeMIS User Training Course - March 8-9, 2017

This 2-day course is for the new as well as experienced users that would like to be updated on Operational Modal Analysis technology as well as the latest features of ARTeMIS Operational Modal Analysis software. The course will be held on March 8-9, 2017 at Hotel Comwell Hvide Hus in Aalborg, Denmark. Read more at this link.


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