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New Plugin - Direct Control of SINUS Messtechnik Data Acquisition Modules


We have continued our efforts to have ARTeMIS Modal controlling data acquisition hardware directly. We are proud to present the direct link to the Apollo based data acquisition systems from SINUS Messtechnik Gmbh. For this development, we have been using the latest SINUS driver version 6.0.24, which has the required 64 bit support and is able of reading TEDS information when available.



Supported Hardware

ARTeMIS Modal currently supports the following hardware from SINUS Messtechnik:
- Apollo Box, 2–4 Channels
- Apollo Box light, 2–16 Channels
- Soundbook, 2–8 Channels (use expander for additional channels)
- Apollo PCIe, 2–16 Channels per card
- Tornado, 16–24 Channels
- Typhoon, 48–192 Channels

Highlights of the Plugin
- Seamless integration with all other tasks in ARTeMIS Modal.
- Direct streaming of measurements to ARTeMIS Modal test setups.
- View acquired time series real-time.
- On-the-fly calculation of auto spectral densities and singular value decomposition (SVD) of spectral densities of user-selectable channels.
- Supports IEPE sensors with or without TEDS.
- Multiple recording modes: Manual start/stop, predefined interval of time, triggered start.
- Works with all versions of ARTeMIS Modal 5.1 (Pro, STD, Basic).


Special Introduction Campaign

Until July 31, 2017 we are running an introduction campaign on this module for anyone that is entitled to ARTeMIS Modal 5.1, i.e. new customers as well as existing customers with a valid maintenance service. The introductory price is 975 EUR which is 35% saving of the normal price of 1.500 EUR.


For further information on the SINUS Messtechnik data acquisition plugin please contact us at




IOMAC2017 Award for Best Innovative Paper

IOMAC 2017 conference held in Ingolstadt, Germany, in May was a great success. Our cooperation partner Dr. Michael Döhler from Inria presented a paper describing the background theory for the SSI-UPCX method introduced in a previous newsletter. This paper was awarded the Best Innovative Paper at this year's conference. Below is the full reference to this paper.


M. Döhler, P. Andersen, L. Mevel
Variance Computation of Modal Parameter Estimates from UPC Subspace Identification
Proceedings of the 7th International Operational Modal Analysis Conference (IOMAC) Ingolstadt, Germany, 2017.











Meet us at EVACES and EURODYN conferences 

SVS will be exhibiting at the EVACES conference in San Diego, CA, USA on July 12-14, and at EURODYN conference in Rome, Italy on September 10-13. We will be showing ARTeMIS Modal 5.1 including all the SHM plugins available.


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