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ARTeMIS Modal - Platform

ARTeMIS Modal software platform is the successor to the ARTeMIS Extractor platform which has been the state-of-the-art reference software for Operational Modal Analysis since its release in 1999. ARTeMIS Extractor platform is still maintained and  distributed by SVS as well as through Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration Measurement A/S as Operational Modal Analysis, Type 7760.

In the beginning of 2013, ARTeMIS Modal was introduced and is now the new work-horse in Operational Modal Analysis. It has all the functionality of the past ARTeMIS Extractor as well as many new features. ARTeMIS Modal is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology and has a much more user-friendly and intuitive task-driven user-interface. 

ARTeMIS Modal is produced in three versions:

  • ARTeMIS Modal Pro
    The ultimate tool having all the features developed over the last 15 years. It has six operational modal analysis methods and supports several plugins for e.g. data acquisition and damage detection.

  • ARTeMIS Modal STD
    This is the mid-size version having three patented frequency domain methods for operational modal analysis.

  • ARTeMIS Modal Basic
    This is the basic version having a frequency domain method for Operational Modal Analysis.

All versions include tools for creation of test geometry, measurements import and graphical DOF assignment. On top, they all have report facility features for generating reports in Microsoft Office products, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Below, all features of the platform are listed in tabular form. It is also indicated in which version the specific features are located.

ARTeMIS Modal Product Specifications Basic STD Pro
Setup Task - Prepare Geometry      
- Create test geometry from scratch
- Import/modify existing geometry
Setup Task - Manage Measurements      
- Import measurement files
- Merge measurement files
- Integrate/differentiate measurements
- View raw time histories
- Connect/disconnect channels and Test Setups
Setup Task - Assign DOF Information      
- Link channels with geometry nodes and directions
- Link using drag-and-drop or by direct editing
- Automatic identification of reference channels
Analysis Task - Prepare Data      
- Configure all preprocessing of measurements
- View processed data of channels and Test Setups
- Option for automatic selection of projection channels
- Compare processed data of reference channels
- Harmonics Detection using fast and extended kurtosis analysis  
- Harmonics Reduction using non-linear optimization    
Analysis Task - Operating Deflection Shapes      
- Animate physical behavior at user-selectable frequencies
- Animate physical behavior as displacements in time for individual test setups
- Store specific ODS shapes
- Display unscaled and/or driving point scaled ODS shapes
Analysis Task - Modal Estimation      
- Estimation of natural frequencies
- Estimation of damping ratios  
- Estimation and animation of mode shapes
- Frequency Domain Decomposition - FDD
- Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition - EFDD  
- Curve-fit Frequency Domain Decomposition - CFDD  
- Crystal Clear SSI® Stochastic Subspace Identification – SSI-UPC    
- Crystal Clear SSI® Stochastic Subspace Identification – SSI-PC    
- Crystal Clear SSI® Stochastic Subspace Identification – SSI-CVA    
- Crystal Clear SSI® Stochastic Subspace Identification – SSI-UPC Merged Test Setups    
- Crystal Clear SSI® Stochastic Subspace Identification – SSI-UPCX    
Analysis Task - Validation      
- Overlaid mode shapes animation
- Mode shapes difference animation  
- Mode shapes side-by-side animation  
- Mode shapes top-bottom animation  
- Modal Assurance Criterion  
- Comparison of Mode Complexity  
- Comparison between estimated and imported modes  
- Frequency versus Damping diagrams with confidence ellipsoids for SSI-UPCX  
Report Task      
- Easy selection of graphics and tables
- Seamless integration - Microsoft® Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 32bit/64bit
- Generate Word documents and Power Point presentations
- Predefined standard templates
Plugin Modules      
- Data Manager Base Module including Historical Measurement Statistics    
- Damage Detection, Classic and Robust methods as well as unifying Control Chart    
- Modal Parameter History including automatic mode tracking and tracked modes export
- Interstorey Drift Analysis    
- Data Acquisition - Automatic File Upload    
- Data Acquisition - Direct control of National Instruments Data Acquisition Modules


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Case Studies - ARTeMIS Modal
Vasco da Gama Cable-Stay Bridge
Heritage Court Tower
Prolec GE Transformer

Damage Detection of the Dogna Bridge
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Features in ARTeMIS Modal
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Frequency Domain Decomposition
Stochastic Subspace Identification
Operating Deflection Shapes
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