Software for Operational Modal Analysis
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ARTeMIS Modal - Frequency Domain Decomposition - FDD / EFDD / CFDD

ARTeMIS Modal includes up to three frequency domain modal analysis techniques derived from the patented Frequency Domain Decomposition technology utilizing the singular value decomposition of the estimated spectral densities of the measured response. The techniques available are:    

  • Frequency Domain Decompostion - FDD

  • Enhanced Frequency Domain Decompostion - EFDD

  • Curve-fit Frequency Domain Decompostion - CFDD

All three techniques are based on peak-picking in the frequency domain using either automatic picking or manual picking using the mouse. Once picked, the mode shapes are ready for immediate animation. The techniques are all specially designed to account for the presence of deterministic signals (harmonics) in case of rotating structural parts or other sinusoidal excitation.


The benefits of these methods are:

  • Intuitive modal parameter estimation based on peak-picking in frequency domain.

  • Immediate results even in case of hundreds of measurement channels and modes.

  • Extremely robust being based on the Singular Value Decomposition of spectral densities.

  • Handles single or multiple Test Setups in exact same way.

  • Through the use of the powerful statistical harmonics detection modal parameters can be extracted in the presence of deterministic (harmonic) signals from e.g. rotating machinery.

  • Peak-picking can be made manually or automatic.

  • EFDD and CFDD methods provide estimates of damping ratios as well as improved estimates of natural frequencies and mode shapes. These methods are available in the ARTeMIS Modal Pro and ARTeMIS Modal STD versions.


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