Software for Operational Modal Analysis
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ARTeMIS Modal - Validation

In ARTeMIS  Modal estimated modes can be validated by comparing modal results from the different estimation techniques used for the same project. Results of different projects can also be compared, allowing an older analysis of a structure to be compared with a new analysis. External results may also be imported using Universal File Format, allowing e.g.  numerical modes of a Finite Element model to be compared with experimentally obtained modes.

Major validation features are:

  • Overlaid animation of mode shapes.

  • Difference animation of mode shapes.

  • Side-by-side and Top-Bottom animation of mode shapes.

  • 3D and table read-out of the Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC). 

  • Mode shape Complexity Diagram.

  • Frequency versus Damping Diagram, with optional uncertainty ellipsoids in case of SSI-UPCX.



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