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    ARTeMIS Modal Standard

    This is the mid-size version of ARTeMIS Modal that, besides all the tasks and features of the basic version, also includes additional frequency domain methods for Operational Modal Analysis and more validation features.

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      This version includes signal processing for detection of harmonic peaks in the spectrum. Harmonic peaks are caused by the presence of rotating components during measurements of a structure. During operational modal analysis of rotating machinery, it is important to be able to distinguish peaks of structural modes from peaks caused by the excitation.

      Two additional Frequency Domain Decomposition methods are available, that can estimate mode shapes and natural frequencies with more accuracy. On top, these methods also provide an estimate of the damping ratios.

      Modal parameters from the three built-in modal estimators can be validated against each other in a special designed validation task. In addition, modes obtained from external tools can be imported through Universal File Format and validated against internally produced results.

      The Standard version seamlessly integrates with the Direct Hardware Control and Experimental Modal Analysis plugins.

      Additional Options

      Direct Hardware Control – for all versions

      With this plugin certain data acquisition systems can be controlled directly inside ARTeMIS Modal. Special data acquisition tasks are available for Operational Modal Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis.

      Experimental Modal Analysis – for all versions

      This plugin allows you to use different frequency domain MIMO techniques for curve-fitting Frequency Response Functions.