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    ARTeMIS Modal Basic

    ARTeMIS Modal Basic

    This is the basic version of ARTeMIS Modal

    ARTeMIS Modal

    A powerful and versatile tool.
    30 days trial.

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    ARTeMIS Modal Basic

    ARTeMIS Modal Basic

    Modal Analysis at a favorable price

    Operational Modal Analysis
    – Frequency Domain Decomposition

    Operating Deflection Shapes
    – Time Domain ODS
    – Frequency Domain ODS

    Additional Options
    – Harmonic Detection & Reduction
    – Experimental Modal Analysis
    – Direct Data Acquisition Control

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    After the 30 days trial, then what happens?

    Shortly after the download of the trial license you will be contacted by a sales representative, that will inform you about the various options for purchasing a license of ARTeMIS Modal. After the trial period has ended, you can decide to purchase a license of ARTeMIS Modal. Once you receive a purchased license file, you will be able to reopen and use your projects.

    Can I use my own data with the trial version of ARTeMIS Modal?

    Yes, if you after download and installation contact us at and ask for permission to use your own data, then we normally grant this and send you the required license file.

    How do I extend my license?

    If you have purchased a time limited license, you will normally be contacted by a sales representative shortly before the license expire. You will then have several options. Either you can prolong a time limited license for another period, or you can upgrade to a permanent license that will give you a lifetime access to the ARTeMIS Modal version you have purchased.

    How do I get support?

    We are offering support by email at Most support issues can be handled by email, but otherwise we invite you to an online meeting.

    Can I upgrade, from Basic to Standard?

    Yes, you can always upgrade from Basic to Standard or Pro. You just have to pay the difference of what you paid and what the price of the new version you wish to upgrade to.

    How do I get my licenses?

     You license consist of a download link located at our website in the customer portal. In addition, you will need a license file that will be emailed you right after your purchase. The email will also contain the login information you will need to access your account at our website.

    For how long do I get my licenses?

    The valid period of your license depends on the license type you have purchased. License types can either be time limited or permanent.

    ARTeMIS Modal Basic

    The software includes setup tasks allowing you to create a project from scratch. There is a geometry generator where test geometries can be made in an object oriented manner, or you can upload gerometries into the software from various popular file formats.

    Measurements for Operational Modal Analysis and Operating Defection Shapes analysis can be loaded from more than 20 different file formats. Measurements channels can be assigned to the right geometry nodes and directions using drag and drop features.

    The software has a variety of built-in signal processing tools that can be used to enhance the performance of the analysis methods. In the basic version there are tools for detrending, decimation and filtering of the raw data as well as spectral density estimation. There is alsp an automatic selection of the so-called projection channels for more effective processing.

    The basic version has the effective Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD) method for Operational Modal Analysis. There are various validation features available, such as mode shape animation and the Modal Assurance Criterion. In addition, it has time and frequency domain Operating Deflection Shapes analysis. It also comes with a built-in report generator which allow you to produce predefined reports in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point.

    The basic version seamlessly integrates with the Direct Hardware Control, and Experimental Modal Analysis plugins. This opens up for direct measurements for Operational Modal Analysis as well as e.g. direct impact testing for Experimental Modal Analysis.

    Additional Options

    Direct Hardware Control – for all versions

    With this plugin certain data acquisition systems can be controlled directly inside ARTeMIS Modal. Special data acquisition tasks are available for Operational Modal Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis.

    Experimental Modal Analysis – for all versions

    This plugin allows you to use different frequency domain MIMO techniques for curve-fitting Frequency Response Functions.

    Harmonic Detection & Reduction – for all versions

    This plugin allows you to do Harmonic Detection and Reduction for Operational Modal Analysis applications.


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    Next webinar: Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) using ARTeMIS Modal

    December 14 2023, 15.00 CET (UTC+1)

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    Next webinar: Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) using ARTeMIS Modal

    December 14 2023, 15.00 CET (UTC+1)