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    New Frequency Domain Operating Deflection Shapes Task

    In ARTeMIS Modal 6.0, we have updated frequency domain Operating Deflection Shapes task. The shapes are now estimated using Phased Assigned Spectra’s allowing read-out of Peak, Peak-to-Peak, RMS and Power values at all measured DOF’s. User is free to select units and measurement type (displacements, velocities, accelerations). Please have a look at the video at


    New Instruction Videos for Multi-Setup OMA Testing


    We have now added a series of videos showing how to perform multi-setup testing using ARTeMIS Modal. Please have a look at the videos at

    Next ARTeMIS User Training Course

    The next annual user training course will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on October 29-30, 2019.

    This 2-day course is for the new as well as experienced users that would like to be updated on Operational Modal Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis as well as the latest features of ARTeMIS Modal software.

    The course will be held at Comwell Hotel Hvide Hus in Aalborg, Denmark. Both days we start at 9.00 and end at 17.00. There will be lunch and coffee breaks during the day and free WiFi internet access. The course instructor is Dr. Palle Andersen, CEO at Structural Vibration Solutions A/S.

    More information is available at

    Operational Modal Analysis Course

    – Similarities and Differences to Classical Modal Analysis

    September 30 – October 1, 2019, Ingolstadt, Germany.

    This 2-day course will give a general insight to the theory and practice of Experimental Modal Analysis. The similarities and differences between Operational Modal Analysis and Classical Modal Analysis will be the main focus. There will be practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises during the course. The social event is a visit to the Munich Octoberfest.

    More information is available at