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    Heritage Court Tower, Canada

    Heritage Court Tower Canada

    The analysis is divided into four Test Setups, where the sensors are moved to new locations leaving only two in fixed reference positions. ARTeMIS Modal supports single as well as multiple Test Setups analysis. The configuration file as well as the measurement files for project is installed along with ARTeMIS Modal.

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    The analysis results has also been used for Finite Element Updating of the above mentioned structure. For further description on this please see the paper:

    C. E. Ventura, R. Brincker, E. Dascotte, P. Andersen.
    FEM Updating of the Heritage Court Building Structure
    Proceedings of the 19th International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC), Kissimmee, Florida, pp.324-330, 2001.

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    Heritage Court Tower, Canada

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    Heritage Court Tower, Canada